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Ex-boyfriend is Turned into a Tiny Foot
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Tiffany Plays With Her Strong Little Sla
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Tiny Slave get Crushed under Tiffany's s
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Bad Tiny Will be Shrink in Micro
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You'll spend your life stucked to my sol
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Tiny Slaves can't Survive Under her Stin
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Giantess Virgie Wants Her Feet Clean! (F
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Helen Crushes 6 of Her Tiny Foot Slaves.
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Hanna Teaches a Lesson to Her Tiny Foots
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Statement of intents:

Giantesspanish is a website where comics, videos and various GTS material are translated into Spanish by our staff. We do not own much of the content, we simply want to make it known to the GTS-loving Hispanic community, which is generally not the target audience for the source material due to language barriers or financial hardship. Therefore, our intention is to share GTS art to any lover of the genre who speaks Spanish, and in no way do we seek to harm the artists and / or companies whose material we translate. If you are an artist and / or company and you do not want your content to be hosted on this site, contact us and without any problem we will remove it, or if you are interested we can create official translations of your works or link them to the original material. In no way do we intend to harm the work of those who make GTS art, for this reason we write this declaration of intent, and in the same way I ask you not to harm the work of people who strive to spread their passion to their Spanish-speaking brothers. Thank you very much.

Declaración de intenciones:

Giantesspanish es un sitio web donde se comparten cómics, vídeos y diverso material GTS traducido al español por nuestro staff. No somos propietarios de gran parte del contenido, simplemente queremos darlo a conocer a la comunidad hispana amante del GTS, la cual por lo general no es el público objetivo del material original por la barrera del idioma o por dificultades económicas. Por ende, nuestra intención es compartir el arte GTS a todo aquel amante del género que hable español, y de ninguna manera buscamos perjudicar a los artistas y/o empresas cuyo material traducimos. ​Si eres un artista y/o empresa y no deseas que tu contenido esté alojado en este sitio, ponte en contacto con nosotros y sin ningún problema lo retiraremos, o bien si les interesa podemos crear traducciones oficiales de sus trabajos o enlazarlos al material original. Bajo ningún concepto pretendemos perjudicar el trabajo de quienes hacen arte GTS, por lo mismo escribimos esta declaración de intenciones, y de igual manera les pido que no perjudiquen el trabajo de gente que se esfuerza por difundir su pasión a sus hermanos de habla hispana. Muchas gracias.


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